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For Guest


★ Your Chance Is Here ★

Looking for a dynamic and fun way to improve your Public Speaking and Leadership skills?

Then look no further!

We meet twice a month for 2 hours each meeting, offering you plenty of opportunities to take your confidence to the next level.

Osaka Toastmasters Club is an English speaking club, founded in 1980 and a member of District 76, Japan.


You can attend as a guest and see for yourself whether Toastmasters is for you! As a guest, you'll have a chance to chat with other members, (enjoy our coffee break at offline meetings) and even try an impromptu speech, called Table Topics, if you're keen.

How To Become A Member

If you're interested in Toastmasters, please come and see our regular meeting as a guest.

After attending as a guest 3 times (consecutive appearances not required), you can then apply for membership where you'll gain a whole lot more benefit than that of a guest.

Membership Dues and Fees

Registration: ¥5,000

Membership: ¥10,000 per 6 months (2 meetings per month)

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