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What is the difference between English conversation classes and Toastmasters (TM) club?

The difference between English classes and TM is that we have no  teachers and therefore we learn by ourselves. Instead, we have practical learning platform (Pathways and roles to take) to improve our communication and leadership skills. We hone and improve these skills at a meeting using these learning platform.


Do we receive an instruction from a professional speech teacher?

No lectures will be given by professionals. Instead, members will practice and brush up communication and leadership skills by performing a given role at a workshop-style meeting. And we can learn a lot from various evaluation sessions.


I have no confidence in my English ability.

Can I join the meeting?

Of course, you can join our meetings. We have various members with diverse English skills.


I am a poor public speaker. I wonder if I can join?

Don’t worry. You can learn how to make a public speech naturally just by participating in a meeting, in which you can practice speaking in front of the audience as well as receive feedback and advice from other members.


Do I have to make a reservation for participating

as a guest?

You can visit our meeting without reservation. However, if you contact through HP in advance, we will let you know the time and place of the meeting you’d like to come to. In case of online meeting, we will inform you the link for the meeting in response to your inquiry.


Is there any condition to join a TM club?

By the rules of Toastmasters International, you have to be over 18 years old. There are no other conditions. Anyone who is willing to learn communication and leadership skills is welcome to join our club. However, in order to become a member, you need to participate the meetings 3 times as a guest.

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